What is Glamping? Why one should go for it?

What’s so special about it?

And so on many of the questions arise to our mind when we hear Glamping in tour ideas.

So basically what is GLamping?

Glamping is an upsurge of two words “glamour” and “camping”.


It is a style of camping that offers you basic amenities, unlike wildlife camping, sitting in the lap of nature, glaring stars, and soft night songs from tiny members of mother nature’s home, make you feel a gesture of pleasure. 

If you are someone who wants to enjoy their holiday but doesn’t want adventure, in that case, Glamping is a perfect choice for you.

MTB or mountain biking sport, seems to be interesting, right?

Well MTB or mountain biking is a sport of off-track cycling. Leaving the hustle behind running in the woods, with the specially designed bicycle as your companion on the trip. Roadmap surrounded by water bodies, woods and wildlife. Giving your life a thrust of the sport. Harsh roads push you deep inside the real beauty of nature. Chasing through feeling gentle and cool wind touching you, birds chirping welcoming singing song for you. 

MTB is the sport for adventure-loving and nature hikers. Want to learn more Briefly? Click here

If you are someone with the same interest get us and book your happening sports ride in Udaipur.


What strikes your mind when to hear the word “donkey”. Of course, very firstly, a creature that looks like a horse but is small in height, can lift comparatively more weight than a horse, what else?

Many call a person a donkey if the person is dumb. but do you really know how important or what a precious gift “Donkey” is?

Well no, the list of this short heightened creature does not end here. one of the titles of the Donkeys is “Vishwakarma”  (“ the god of architecture ”).

Well interesting right, want to know how?

In ancient times the city of Udaipur was constructed with narrow pathways except for the main link road. These tiny little roads were formed with the purpose that there will be closeness among people living in the neighbourhood. or when the wartime comes all can rush in these small lanes not getting harmed by the enemy. Plus in the older days, people use to walk on foot as they don’t have 4 wheelers as we do. Now here comes the problem pathways are not wide enough. But it becomes difficult for a huge construction vehicle to pass through them. So what if someone wants a renovation of their home or wanted to shift something?

 Well here comes the donkey for rescue, donkeys are short and are cable of carrying weight on their back. By forming a chain link they walk through the narrow roads. Contributing to the formation of new architecture in the old city. Narrow roads of old cities don’t allow you to enter there with a vehicle. Something like a cycle or bike can easily pass through these pathways just like donkeys if you really wish to see the ancient life and architecture and food culture.

Most of the city’s soul lies in these lanes only. You can find exotic and various Cultures depicting history. But a new visitor can do this alone. All he needs is a well knowledgable guide with a compact 


ride. Go limitless go exploring go with Udaipur Cycling.

Duration: 1N 2D  | Physicality: Advance

Cycling through forests corridor of Sariska and Bhangarh

Ride across the Aravalli Range through the historic city of Nayla and majestic grasslands of the Jamwa Valley. Spinning into various switchbacks and reach the forests of Bhangarh and Sariska. Enjoy a wonderful wildlife safari in the Sariska National Park; later retire in a casual in right in the middle of the forest. Enjoy and admire the clear night sky in the wilderness.


Duration: 1N 2D | Physicality: Advance

An ultimate motorcycle experience on Royal Enfield

An ultimate motorcycle experience on shining Royal Enfield motorcycles across the Aravalli Range through the historic city of Nayla and majestic grasslands of the Jamwa Valley. Scale the valleys full throttle into various switchbacks and gravel roads reach the forests of Bhangarh and Sariska. Enjoy a wonderful wildlife safari in the Sariska National Park. Rejuvenate yourself with the clear air brushing against your face exploring the vibrant cultures of the village and forest tribes.


Duration: 4 Hours |  Physicality: Leisurely

The excellent riding from the Marwari breed

Get a chance to understand the fantastic countryside, tiny hamlets, and the vast ecology of the Aravalis and the vibrant culture of this area. Ride this magnificent breed of horses to the 500 year old Hanuman Temple. Participate in the daily offering ceremony with village natives. An opportunity to ride in this unique Aravalli trails which are some of the ancient routes that behold stories from the bygone era of kings.


Duration: 9 Hours | Physicality: Moderate

A journey to largest inland salt water lake in India

We travel to this historic land on our Royal Enfield Bullet 350 motorcycles which are in it a milestone in motorcycle diaries on this one day motorcycle excursion. Sāmbhar is the largest inland salt water lake in India located about 100 kilometres from the Pink City Jaipur. Apart from being one of the largest salt procuring reserves of India Sāmbhar is very popular amongest travelers.


Duration: 1N 2D | Physicality: Advance

Explore the Rural Rajasthan life & culture

Experience the Rural Rajasthan life while passing see the landscape changing from green , grey to yellow i.e. Farm Fields, Dry Lake, and Sand Dunes.Turban, Chai, Flamingos,Cattle fair,Camels. Pushkar a legend claims that the lake was created from the petals that fell from the divine hands of Lord Brahma (The creator).The annual Pushkar fair is a beautiful colorful event, cattle trade, Horse dance shows, camel shows, Tug of war, Matki race (Pushkar pot race) are just a few of the activities.Its a wonderful paradise for Photographers as The Tribal Gathering & Holy Lake connects to the traveller’s soul with Local musicians, Swords, cowbells, snake charmers,Ferris wheel, circus, folk dances, tribal Ballad.


yoga with hiking in forest

Duration: 4 Hours | Physicality: Moderate


A complete holiday experience with yoga and hiking tour which includes everything from ‘a jungle trek’ to ‘A Heritage Walk’, ‘A Forest Yoga Session’ to ‘Exploring An Ancient Village in Forest’, an old water body of historical importance, a trekking route to Amber fort rarely taken, and to top it all we pick and drop from & to, to a location of our guest’s choice which is also included in package. The tour can also be customized with a few more additions.


nahargarh cycle tour in jaipur

Duration: 3 Hours | Physicality: Advance


Bike trip to the Nahargarh fort through the Aravalli forests is a very challenging excursion.The Nahargarh fort which is at the height of above 700 feet from the sea level provides a panoramic view of the city and the Aravalli forests. For nature lover and adventure seeker, birding enthusiasts and fitness junkies, this is something of your interest


wildlife cycle tour

Duration: 4 Hours | Physicality: Moderate


Ever thought of some adventure with wildlife or riding bicycles whole day long at your own pace soaking the winter sun, being close to nature and the fresh air acting as a fuel to your adventure thirst.. Put your imagination to work in the wilderness s of the Nahargarh Biological Park.. A fun excursion in the low lying Aravali Mountains. An expedition in the wild along scenic countryside landscapes. The freedom of riding a bicycle. And a fight to win a treasure, Yes a treasure.


countryside cycle tour

Duration: 6 Hours | Physicality: Moderate


We ride through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the heart of Rajasthan, riding along unexplored country roads through mustard fields with desert berries on either side which is an indigenous way of fencing the fields.Enjoy and admire the landscape on two wheels with a mix of everything that India has to offer to a traveler. The mighty forts, majestic palaces, the abundant Havelis and village folk performing their arts full of vibrant colors and traditions of one the most culturally rich people in the world.


pinkcity bicycle tour

Duration: 3 Hours | Physicality: Leisurely


This bicycle tour is designed to give you a traditional perspective of how the morning time develops in the beautiful and historical city of Jaipur. Pedal to Heritage (Morning Cycle Tour) is one of our flagship activities in Jaipur, Discover Jaipur on a bicycle traversing through the narrow lanes of the old city. Biking and unraveling the secrets that this mystic historic city beholds. An interesting way to explore the ancient culture and architecture of Jaipur on a bike.


Exploring Udaipur in Your Own Style

Udaipur – The City of Lakes is not just among the most beautiful places in India but also one of the most romantic cities of the world. It is a home for a lot of tourist attractions that keeps surprising us with its immense beauty and warmth. Here we introduce the varieties of Things to do in Udaipur be it for adventure and nature lovers, bird watchers, photoholics and wanderlust. These offbeat activities can be explored by friends, families as well as students and corporate. 

Miniature Painting Workshop

The age-old Miniature paintings originated form Udaipur depict a detailed visual of the events of royal era. Made using natural colors, the elaborate carvings, facial features and clothing are the result of extreme precision. 
A workshop with a renowned artist is a definite treat to an art connoisseur.

Village Walk & Hike

The Village walking tour is an amazing way to take a break from your regular touristic activities and engage in an authentic rural experience full of peace, cultural interaction and natural wilderness. We hike alongside the Madar lake to catch a series of a breathtaking 360-degree view of lush green mountains and 180-degree view of the sparkling Madar lake. <Get More Info>



Bird Watching

Udaipur is one of the most promising and must visit places for Bird Watchers. It offers the best habitat and stopover to many migratory birds and bird life from all over the world.  
The Bird Watching Tour is one of the top things to do around Udaipur with a duration of 8-10 hours and 4-5 hours depending upon your preference.

Photography Tour

The full day-Old City Photography Tour starts at 6 AM in the morning. Our photography experts make you explore Udaipur like a local, be it the narrow lanes, local life and markets. Moreover, the ghats, old city houses and havelis will let you learn the amazing art of photography and its various forms.

Wilderness Camping

A one-night exclusive wilderness camping and cycling tour is hand-crafted for corporate & students group. A full day with cycling in countrysideinteracting with the localitiesexclusive campinghiking with high tea served on mountain topself-cooking in open nature and campfire followed by a night spent in stargazing. The next morning filled with energetic yoga with the sunrise followed by a picnic breakfast in the wild.

Yoga with Hiking

Completely in the lap of nature and quiet ambiance. We Hike in the forested hills to the summit of the mountain to experience the beautiful dawn and appreciate the glorious sunrise in Udaipur Countryside. Capturing a 360-degree view of lush green mountains and mesmerizing Badi Lake, we do a 45- minute session of yoga with an expert yoga instructor. It is followed by a down trek and a breakfast in Jungle setting.  

Painting by Lake Workshop

Udaipur is a perfect place for slow travelers where one can enjoy the comfortable lifestyle of lake city from dawn to dusk. For student and art groups, we arrange beautiful locations such as the Palace beside the lake, Ghats and temples of old city where they can spend quality time sketching and painting a variety of artistic things.

Udaipur Countryside Cycle Tour 

Our Guided Cycle Tour is a perfect fusion of adventure and culture that leaves you spellbound with its rich heritage and simplicity. The charm of the city’s countryside can be discovered through its beautiful lakes, endless mountain range and riding through the village, interacting the locals which makes this bike tour the Best Cycling Holidays in Rajasthan.
Udaipur is the hub for all the travelers from around the world and Udaipur Cycling takes care of the varied interests of these keen wanderlusts and provide them with the most exquisite experiences.
India is a treasure of beautiful places and traditional culture. You can make the most of your trip to India by exploring its countryside and get the flavor, Rajasthan atop when it comes to Luxurious Offbeat Destinations. The pride of this beautiful paradise of desert is not only the historical monuments, stunning art &crafts and historic tales of its warriors but also it is a home for a wide range of offbeat destinations.
Here is the list of some of the most amazing offbeat places of Rajasthan that features all the contemporary facilities while still retaining their ancient character and heritage charm.


Among the many beautiful villages in Rajasthan, one is Pachewar. What makes this village a must visit destination in Rajasthan is the 300 years

old ‘Fort Pachewar Garh’. Being converted from an ancestral castle to a luxurious heritage hotel, it is a perfect portrayal of Rajasthan’s cultural and traditional ambiance with all modern amenities.

Fort Pachewar Garh

The different types of luxurious and magnificent rooms at Fort Pachewar garh offers you nothing more than elegance, sophistication and most importantly a royal feel. The soothing interiors, ancient style arches and traditional carvings make you want to stay here for as long as possible. Moreover, the place also offers delicious Rajasthani food, activities and experiences to make the most of your stay.

In this quarantine period, all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. Invest this precious energy into knowing everything about travel and planning your own adventures of India.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you Learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss
We brought you some of the amazing travel books and inspire yourself to see What the world holds for you.

love jaipur book the bucket list book
Love Jaipur by Fiona Cauflield

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Bucket List – Kath Stathers

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irland to india book rough guide india
Ireland to India with a Bicycle By Dervla Murphy

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The Rough Guide to India By Rough Guides & Shafik Meghji

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India is undoubtedly the most rewarding and overwhelming place to visit. Here are the most important tips to consider before planning your most sought-after holiday trip to India.
visa application for India
  1. Alert ! Get your Visa 

Getting a visa for India is indeed the most essential requirement in an Indian travel plan. The Indian Visa application process has now become much easier and hassle free due to its online services of e-Visa which is suitable to most travelers. Depending on the duration, e-visa can be applied for a validity of 1 month/ 1 year / 5 years.

travel insurance for India
  1. Do not forget Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance is that protective measure that lets you enjoy your vacation with absolute peace of mind. Emergencies and mishaps cannot be predicted; therefore, it is of utmost priority to invest in a travel insurance that covers health issues, accident, travel delays, damaged or lost luggage, and other possible eventualities.
  1. Go beyond the cities
India is a treasure of beautiful places and traditional culture. You can make the most of your trip to India by exploring its countryside and get the flavor of its offbeat destinations. The rural nature of India offers a perfect opportunity to discover the peaceful insights of the country and engage in the affection of its people.
bicycle rental in udaipur
  1. Travel near the festivals
It is rightly said that “The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals”. Being a land of multiple religions and varied cultural traditions, festivals are the heart of India. There is nothing better than turning your travelling into a celebration with the various Indian festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Pushkar Fair, etc.
fairs and festivals in india

tour packing tips
The most exciting and important part of a travel plan is its ideal packing. But what stresses the most about this task is WHAT TO PACK and HOW TO PACK.
  1. The Ideal Packing List

Packing can be a bit of a daunting task when one doesn’t know what is essential and may end up stuffing everything that is not required. Your ideal packing list when traveling to India should involve everything from the type of luggage and clothes to your personal care and electronic devices.

  1. How to pack right ?

“Pack Right and Travel Light”. You will not want to ruin your holiday trip by wasting your time in struggling with your excessive luggage. Organized packing not only helps in reducing the number of suitcases but also finding your stuff easily.

travel lander tour in india


  1. Overland Travel
Overlanding is the oldest form of adventure travel that lets you wander to some amazing remote destinations with your own overlanding vehicle. India is an absolute safe country with a bundle of offbeat destinations that fulfills the purpose of overland travel i.e. “The journey is more important that the destination”.
Here is an absolute intrepid video of Jolie & Mark sharing the amazing experience of their Overland Trip to Udaipur on their own pace.
  1. Cycling Adventures
The adventures of cycling are for those who want to not just travel a place but LIVE IT. It is a form of travel where each moment is captured, each stopover is cherished and each unusual track is beautifully discovered. The cherry on the cake is a cycling trip clubbed with camping, hiking and exploring the cultures of a place.
Here we introduce you to one such adventurous cycling trips that is definitely a treat for all the wanderlusts out there.