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In this quarantine period, all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. Invest this precious energy into knowing everything about travel and planning your own adventures of India.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you Learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss
We brought you some of the amazing travel books and inspire yourself to see What the world holds for you.

love jaipur book the bucket list book
Love Jaipur by Fiona Cauflield

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Bucket List – Kath Stathers

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irland to india book rough guide india
Ireland to India with a Bicycle By Dervla Murphy

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The Rough Guide to India By Rough Guides & Shafik Meghji

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India is undoubtedly the most rewarding and overwhelming place to visit. Here are the most important tips to consider before planning your most sought-after holiday trip to India.
visa application for India
  1. Alert ! Get your Visa 

Getting a visa for India is indeed the most essential requirement in an Indian travel plan. The Indian Visa application process has now become much easier and hassle free due to its online services of e-Visa which is suitable to most travelers. Depending on the duration, e-visa can be applied for a validity of 1 month/ 1 year / 5 years.

travel insurance for India
  1. Do not forget Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance is that protective measure that lets you enjoy your vacation with absolute peace of mind. Emergencies and mishaps cannot be predicted; therefore, it is of utmost priority to invest in a travel insurance that covers health issues, accident, travel delays, damaged or lost luggage, and other possible eventualities.
  1. Go beyond the cities
India is a treasure of beautiful places and traditional culture. You can make the most of your trip to India by exploring its countryside and get the flavor of its offbeat destinations. The rural nature of India offers a perfect opportunity to discover the peaceful insights of the country and engage in the affection of its people.
bicycle rental in udaipur
  1. Travel near the festivals
It is rightly said that “The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals”. Being a land of multiple religions and varied cultural traditions, festivals are the heart of India. There is nothing better than turning your travelling into a celebration with the various Indian festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Pushkar Fair, etc.
fairs and festivals in india

tour packing tips
The most exciting and important part of a travel plan is its ideal packing. But what stresses the most about this task is WHAT TO PACK and HOW TO PACK.
  1. The Ideal Packing List

Packing can be a bit of a daunting task when one doesn’t know what is essential and may end up stuffing everything that is not required. Your ideal packing list when traveling to India should involve everything from the type of luggage and clothes to your personal care and electronic devices.

  1. How to pack right ?

“Pack Right and Travel Light”. You will not want to ruin your holiday trip by wasting your time in struggling with your excessive luggage. Organized packing not only helps in reducing the number of suitcases but also finding your stuff easily.

travel lander tour in india


  1. Overland Travel
Overlanding is the oldest form of adventure travel that lets you wander to some amazing remote destinations with your own overlanding vehicle. India is an absolute safe country with a bundle of offbeat destinations that fulfills the purpose of overland travel i.e. “The journey is more important that the destination”.
Here is an absolute intrepid video of Jolie & Mark sharing the amazing experience of their Overland Trip to Udaipur on their own pace.
  1. Cycling Adventures
The adventures of cycling are for those who want to not just travel a place but LIVE IT. It is a form of travel where each moment is captured, each stopover is cherished and each unusual track is beautifully discovered. The cherry on the cake is a cycling trip clubbed with camping, hiking and exploring the cultures of a place.
Here we introduce you to one such adventurous cycling trips that is definitely a treat for all the wanderlusts out there.