Donkey-the Vishwakarma of Udaipur

What strikes your mind when to hear the word “donkey”. Of course, very firstly, a creature that looks like a horse but is small in height, can lift comparatively more weight than a horse, what else?

Many call a person a donkey if the person is dumb. but do you really know how important or what a precious gift “Donkey” is?

Well no, the list of this short heightened creature does not end here. one of the titles of the Donkeys is “Vishwakarma”  (“ the god of architecture ”).

Well interesting right, want to know how?

In ancient times the city of Udaipur was constructed with narrow pathways except for the main link road. These tiny little roads were formed with the purpose that there will be closeness among people living in the neighbourhood. or when the wartime comes all can rush in these small lanes not getting harmed by the enemy. Plus in the older days, people use to walk on foot as they don’t have 4 wheelers as we do. Now here comes the problem pathways are not wide enough. But it becomes difficult for a huge construction vehicle to pass through them. So what if someone wants a renovation of their home or wanted to shift something?

 Well here comes the donkey for rescue, donkeys are short and are cable of carrying weight on their back. By forming a chain link they walk through the narrow roads. Contributing to the formation of new architecture in the old city. Narrow roads of old cities don’t allow you to enter there with a vehicle. Something like a cycle or bike can easily pass through these pathways just like donkeys if you really wish to see the ancient life and architecture and food culture.

Most of the city’s soul lies in these lanes only. You can find exotic and various Cultures depicting history. But a new visitor can do this alone. All he needs is a well knowledgable guide with a compact 


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