What is Glamping? Why one should go for it?

What’s so special about it?

And so on many of the questions arise to our mind when we hear Glamping in tour ideas.

So basically what is GLamping?

Glamping is an upsurge of two words “glamour” and “camping”.


It is a style of camping that offers you basic amenities, unlike wildlife camping, sitting in the lap of nature, glaring stars, and soft night songs from tiny members of mother nature’s home, make you feel a gesture of pleasure. 

If you are someone who wants to enjoy their holiday but doesn’t want adventure, in that case, Glamping is a perfect choice for you.

MTB or mountain biking sport, seems to be interesting, right?

Well MTB or mountain biking is a sport of off-track cycling. Leaving the hustle behind running in the woods, with the specially designed bicycle as your companion on the trip. Roadmap surrounded by water bodies, woods and wildlife. Giving your life a thrust of the sport. Harsh roads push you deep inside the real beauty of nature. Chasing through feeling gentle and cool wind touching you, birds chirping welcoming singing song for you. 

MTB is the sport for adventure-loving and nature hikers. Want to learn more Briefly? Click here

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