Top Activities in Jaipur

Duration: 4 Hours | Physicality: Moderate A YOGA SESSION IN NATURE A complete holiday experience with yoga and hiking tour which includes everything from 'a jungle trek' to 'A Heritage Walk', 'A Forest Yoga Session' to 'Exploring An Ancient Village in Forest', an old water body of historical importance, a trekking route
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cycling in udaipur

Special Interest in Udaipur

Exploring Udaipur in Your Own Style Udaipur – The City of Lakes is not just among the most beautiful places in India but also one of the most romantic cities of the world. It is a home for a lot of tourist attractions that keeps surprising us with its immense beauty and warmth. Here we introduce the varieties of Things to do in Udaipur be it for
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best off beat destination

Offbeat Destination of Rajasthan – Go Beyond the Cities

India is a treasure of beautiful places and traditional culture. You can make the most of your trip to India by exploring its countryside and get the flavor, Rajasthan atop when it comes to Luxurious Offbeat Destinations. The pride of this beautiful paradise of desert is not only the historical
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all about travel


In this quarantine period, all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. Invest this precious energy into knowing everything about travel and planning your own adventures of India. TRAVEL BOOKS “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
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Untold's of Udaipur


What is Glamping? Why one should go for it? What’s so special about it? And so on many of the questions arise to our mind when we hear Glamping in tour ideas. So basically what is GLamping? Glamping is an upsurge of two words “glamour” and “camping”.   It is
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MTB Cycling in Udaipur

MTB or mountain biking sport, seems to be interesting, right? Well MTB or mountain biking is a sport of off-track cycling. Leaving the hustle behind running in the woods, with the specially designed bicycle as your companion on the trip. Roadmap surrounded by water bodies, woods and wildlife. Giving your
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Donkey-the Vishwakarma of Udaipur

What strikes your mind when to hear the word “donkey”. Of course, very firstly, a creature that looks like a horse but is small in height, can lift comparatively more weight than a horse, what else? Many call a person a donkey if the person is dumb. but do you
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