Day Trip

Meeting Point – Udaipur Cycling

We begin our Udaipur PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR from the “Udaipur Cycling” Station (Centrally Located, Opposite ‘Hotel Lavitra’ Near Fateh Sagar) For Google location Click here

Photo adventure in Udaipur

The best combination one needs in order to seize their journeys and make them memorable is Travel and Photography.

The full day-Old City Photography Tour starts at 6 AM in the morning. Over a cup of tea, our Photo Explorer first give the orientation of the tour and understand the taste of guest

As we move out in old city, One first begins to discover the primitive lifestyle that the people of the Lake City still follow and observe them swimming and washing clothes by the lake. We capture the beautiful photos of ghats of old city. And the glorious hues of sunrise behind the city palace from a vantage point. All these poses for a perfect landscape of Udaipur.

Candid Travel PhotographyWe then have breakfast at a rooftop restaurant overlooking Lake Pichola and old city. Post the panoramic breakfast view, we witness the morning routine of locals. The shopkeepers opening their shops and the streets turning into a cluster of markets. People reading newspapers in the Jharokhas while chatting and kids going to schools in Tuktuks offer the most simplistic sights of this vibrant city of Udaipur. Moreover, we see the liveliest vegetable market and then explore the rich heritage beauty of Udaipur.

Live Photography with a local expertBy early afternoon we get to revel in the beauty of indigenous craftsmanship of the city’s artisans. We engage in light interaction with these artisans while they showcase their art and you get the best candid photography movements.

 The entire Photography Tour is incomplete without our professional photographer from old city who loves to provide the most natural, interesting and brilliant exposure of the city and misses out nothing when it comes to showing the Lake City in our style.



For Art Admirers – The architecture of traditional houses and narrow streets represents an unusual yet simple art of living. The art and craft of the Udaipur’s hardworking artisans is a treat for all the art admirers.

For Food Lovers – One can very well taste the flavors of Rajasthan through the street food of Udaipur. From hot traditional milk tea to hot street samosas, Udaipur is famous for its finger-licking food.

For The Wanderlust – When in Udaipur, one gets to wander around the most adventurous places and engage in thrilling outdoor activities while clicking some amazing portraits, landscapes and candid.

 A Unique Experience – With proper teaching by our Photography experts, you get to learn the amazing art of photography and its various forms. A mix of nature photography, food photography, bird photography and live photography among other forms offers an overall unique experience.

Our Photography expert  is not a guide in traditional sense. In order to make your photography trip all the more rewarding, we have carefully handpicked the best of Udaipur-born photographers who are raised in the old walled city of Jaipur. Traditionally engaged in the profession of photography and Travel they truly respect their art and possess exquisite photography skills.

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