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Sita Mata Sanctuary Trip

Jungle safari of Sitamata SanctuarySita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary is a 100 km drive from Udaipur. This is one of the dense teak forests in the Rajasthan region. Some of the features which make this Forest unique are –
  • The land is undulating because of the confluence of three different formations.  They are  Malwa Plateau, the Vindhyachal Hills and Aravali mountain ranges.
  • The thickly wooded Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary is spread in 423 square km with some tribal villages and tiny hamlets inside this village.
  • The place is  a Bird watchers Paradise with 130 varieties of residential and migratory birds.
  • The highlight is the flying squirrel (Petaurista philippensis) that can be seen gliding from one tree to another around sunset in the Arampura forest check post.
  • It houses ancient Valmiki Ashram (the birthplace of Luv and Kush, the twins born to Sita and Lord Rama). And the Hanuman and Sitamata temples. Moreover, some other places of historical and mythological importance.
  • Jakham Dam  is the peak of this jungle and one can enjoy a 270 degree view of Jakham Lake, which is the main river and its streams following in this jungle.
With a few predators in this jungle and no report of human attack ever, this jungle is a safe place for wildlife lovers to visit and explore. There is an entry ticket one can purchase from DumDama, Arampura, and Anuppura forest Chcekpost. After that, you can take the vehicle inside the park, provided you have high ground clearance SUV/jeep. There will be lots of water crossings while crossing this jungle. Moreover, we cross the dance tall teak jungle where one can not see the sky  In afternoon time one may have an illusion of moving in the evening time.
Accomodation in Sitamata SanctuaryFor Night stay:  With the special permission from Forest Department and at a nominal fee one can stay at the neat and clean Guest House at Forest Check Posts.
We have a good heritage hotel nearest to this jungle entrance which is Fort Dhariyawad.
In addition, we organize an overnight Jungle trip to Sita Mata with an expert wildlife explorer. He has complete knowledge of the routes and can make you see most in a day’s time.
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