3 Nights, 4 Days
Undulating With Option Of Gravel Road

A cycling Expedition amidst the Jungles

“Rajasthan Forest Department- Rajsamand circle” and “Bella Basera Resort and Spa, Kumbhalgarh”  in collaboration with Le Tour De India (Adventure partner) brings you the 3rd Edition of exclusive cycling adventure of Pedal To Jungle. With a view of promoting Wildlife-Eco-Responsible tourism, this adventure jungle expedition is especially designed to provide the cyclists with a thrilling jungle experience.


Pedal To Jungle –Reliving the Legacy of Maharana Pratap

One of the bravest kings of Mewar and a greatest source of motivation, Maharana Pratap is revered as one of the strongest warriors India has ever seen. His determination, fearlessness and a strong love for independence continues to inspire the ages till now.

Remembering the extraordinary personality of Maharana Pratap with respect and adoration, we present our 3rd edition of Pedal To Jungle. The journey that celebrates the fortitude, valor and irrepressible courage and confidence of all across the nation in the same way as the legacy of Maharana Pratap has evoked admiration on all hands.

The total trip will be a cycling of around 150 km spread through 3 days starting from Fatehsagar to Gogunda (a town where Maharana Pratap’s coronation was performed) via Badi Lake and Ubeshwarji.

With the evening filled with enjoying the culturally rich food and programs, the next day we ride to Kumbhalgarh, a Mewar fortress of historical importance. The third day we ride to Thandi Beri for the closing ceremony followed by a visit to the century old famous Ranakpur temple.

The ride is not just about a thrilling experience but also about scenic locations, camping stays and traditional food with lots of healthy elements. Since the trip is in collaboration with Forest department, all through the trip forest department officials will accompany us. Specialist in the field, area, and subjects will be available at our stopover points and other important stages of the trip to share their knowledge and experience.

This is one of a kind adventure jungle expedition where the heroic reign of Maharana Pratap will not be captured on mighty chariots and horses but on our dignified cycles.


  • A ride in the Legacy of one of the most courageous kings of Mewar, Maharana Pratap is absolutely an honor to relive. The Indian history will always remember the grit and determination of the Pride of Mewar for his firm perserverance against the Mughal Empire.
  • His refusal to submit to his enemies on the ground that bartering away one’s liberty to secure any honor is unworthy of a self-respecting person inspires us to grow with a sense of freedom and self- esteem.
  • Celebrate the victorious journey of India’s first native freedom fighter by visiting the glorified places that hold huge historic importance from his triumphant reign.
  • Capture the amazing blend of nature and spiritualism by riding across the most beautiful locations of Fatehsagar lake, Ubeshwar Ji, Kumbhalgarh fort, Forest reserve and Ranakpur temple.
  • Explore the villages of aravali mountain range inhibited by the rural lifestyle of Bhil community. Their colorful folk performance is a treat to watch.
  • Be the guest of the exquisite Bella Basera Resort and Spa, Kumbhalgarh to explore the serenity of natural living along with wilderness amidst the forest paths.
  • Indulge in expert interaction and guidance on flora and fauna with the intellectual Forest Department officials.
  • Feel the extreme comfort and safety under experienced tour captains, prompt mechanics and support staff.

Detailed Itinerary

DAY – 1

  • Participants can check- in at any time after 11:00 hours, The day is at your leisure you can visit Fatehsagar Lake and Lake Pichola to explore the serene beauty and calmness that the city of Udaipur beholds.
  • For any more information or specific arrangements, the participants can contact us at +91 7737107300 and +91 9829078463.
  • Get back to the hotel by 17:00 hours for the Welcome Ceremony where we will be doing the re- registrations to keep a final count. Cycling Jersey, placards, stickers distribution and a brief description of the whole itinerary to the participants will be given by our tour leaders.
  • Post registrations, an Introduction session of fellow riders and the PTJ team, brief about the route, and interesting thing about the entire itinerary followed by dinner.
  • Overnight stay for the 6th Feb’s night is in Hotel Fateh Udaipur on room basis.

DAY – 2

  • We will have the flag-off ceremony to start the much awaited exciting journey with our cycles absolutely ready at Hotel Fateh. We start from Fatehsagar Lake, an artificial lake overlooked by mountains from three sides. It is rightly considered as the pride of Udaipur. Crossing 2-3 villages we reach BadiLake , the hidden gem of Udaipur for our morning breakfast.
  • The lake has beautiful engravings from old era giving a glance of historic architecture. The highlight of the lake is a small hill called ‘Bahubali’. We explore the mesmerizing view from the hill and get ready for uphill cycling and huge elevations.
  • We reach Dhar village which is famous for its temples and Persian Wheel culture. It is one of the very few places in India where we get to discover the functioning of Persian wheels.We get ready for a few kms challenging climb from here after which we find our team to energise us with fruits and other refreshments.
  • By this time we are warmed up for our ride to UbeshwarJi, a Shiv temple fulfilled with spiritual vibes and surrounded by widely spread green valleys of Aravali Mountains and holy water flowing alongside. A brief stopover at the temple to gaze at the exquisiteness and blessings nature has showered on it.
  • We ride for 20kms to reach our final destination for the day, Gogunda, a town of great historical importance as the coronation (Raj Tilak) of Maharan Pratap was performed here. The place is also famous for its gorilla wars technique and the Bhil community that helped the most to Maharan Pratap during his reign.
  • The total ride is an approx 60 km challenging expedition that includes strenuous trails, demanding elevations and off roads that gives you a wholesome adventurous experience.
  • Post the ride, we will find our camps ready where healthy and nutritious lunch will be served to fill our appetite with the variety of flavours of Rajasthan.
  • Post lunch and rest, get ready for evening high tea where we interact with the intellectual Forest Department officials about the shining and courageous history of Maharana Pratap. Also gain some interesting knowledge about the flora and fauna of the respective regions.
  • Dinner around 20:00 hours followed by an energetic Gavari dance, a tribal dance of the famous Bhil tribe performed gracefully by the locals to seize the Rajasthani vibes. As this tribal dance is beautifully expressed by its troupe having different characters, so will our participants be given various characters to perform.
  • Post the cultural exchange, a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate for an even more adventurous ride.

DAY – 3

  • Early wake up and get ready for hiking to witness the glorious sunrise in the town of Gogunda followed by breakfast.
  • Post Breakfast, a small briefing will be conducted of how the day will proceed.
  • We start riding through off road trails, unpaved tracks and mountaineous forest paths to reach ‘Bella Basera Resort’ an ethereal  resort in the vicinity of nature overlooking the mighty Kumbhalgarh, a Mewar fortress on the westerly range of Aravali Hills.
  • Kumbhalgarh is a World Heritage Site and holds great historical importance as it is the birthplace of Maharan Pratap. We will get to know about the indigeneous art of  living and culture of the communities of Kumbhalgarh and how the place holds a prominent part in the history of Mewar. It also separates Mewar and Marwar  from each other and was used as a place of refuge for the rulers of Mewar at times of danger.
  • Post this adventurous and significant historic session we proceed to our camps for lunch.
  • Post lunch, we visit Kumbhalgarh Fort, a fort that has made its mark in history as the second largest wall after the Great Wall of China. We will attend the famous Sound and Light show of the fort in the evening to take a good look at the glimpses of the culture of Mewar.
  • Post the culturally entertaining evening, we will have dinner followed by a camp side good night’s sleep to rejuvenate ourselves.

DAY – 4

  • Early wake up and breakfast.
  • Post breakfast, we approach for an approx 20 kms ride to Thandiberi through long forest trails, interspersed by seasonal rivers having rich fauna & forest diversity. As the name suggest, Thandiberi is a cool place  located on the bank of a tank and dense forests. It serves a great vantage point to soak in the untouched natural beauty of Ranakpur.
  • We will have our closing ceremony here to mark an end to an exhilarating cycling experience across the most historic and adventurous regions of Southern Rajasthan.
  • We get into our buses to drive back to Udaipur via visiting The Ranakpur temple, one of the largest and most important temples of Jain culture built in 15th  century. The temple is famous for its intricate carvings and unique architecture.
  • Please note that the bus will get back to Udaipur, therefore if any of the participants wish to stay in Ranakpur temple, they may do so and explore the other regions of Rajasthan on their own.


  1. The cycling expedition of 3 Night 4 Days under expert guidance and supervision of “Forest Department “and “Le Tour De India” Team.
  2. On 6th Feb Accommodation is at Hotel Fateh Udaipur pn room sharing basis.
  3. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, Evening Tea During the tour.
  4. A special trek designed amidst the wilderness of Aravalis of Udaipur range.
  5. Entry tickets and forest permits.
  6. Refreshments en-route – Juices, Energy drinks, Tea, chocolates, fresh fruits.
  7. An exclusively designed event’s cycling Jersey.
  8. Well experienced bicycle tour captains who are well versed with the route.
  9. A support vehicle with well-equipped emergency first aid kit.
  10. There will be two backup jeeps for luggage and also act as a support vehicle.
  11. There will be a trained bicycle mechanic cum tour escort following all the riders throughout the tour with all major spares for on spot maintenance of bikes.
  12. A campfire with Expert Interaction And Guidance by Forest Officials On Flora and Fauna of this region.
  13. A Souvenir of this trip.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Limited seats (First come first serve basis)
  2. Booking is subject to availability.
  3. Participant Should be at least 18 years of age.
  4. We recommend you bring your own personal riding gears and bike. The wearing of a helmet is mandatory in this tour.
  5. It is mediatory to were the same cycling jersey for 3 days, we will surly make arrangements for quick wash, everyday after the ride.
  6. The staff and management of Le Tour De India take all practicable steps to identify and minimize potential dangers, however you must follow our instructions at all times.
  7. We reserve the right to modify any part of a tour in the interests of improvement or to adapt to other situations as they arise.
  8. We will not be held responsible or liable for any delays or any changes in the schedule in response to unplanned events.
  9. If you leave or fail to complete this tour for any reason you must make your own arrangements for transportation, lodging, etc.
  10. No refund will be due to you in respect of non-utilization of any part of the travel arrangements made for you.
  11. 100% Advance payment has to be deposited to Forest Department Udaipur to confirm the booking. The booking amount is non refundable.
  12. We hold the right to disqualify any participant during the tour if found misbehaving or not maintaining the disciplines.
  13. Indemnity Bond must be filed by all participants before starting the trip.

Things to carry

  • Cycle (MTB)
  • Padded cycling shorts
  • Cycling gloves
  • Cycling helmet
  • Riding shoes
  • Cycling hydration bag
  • Sweater/ raincoat
  • Toiletries (shampoo, towel,toothpaste, tissue paper etc)
  • Medicines kit (with any personal medication)
  • Cash as there are no ATM near by
  • Mosquito repellent cream
  • A torch with new batteries (in case of emergency)
  • Camera (optional)


  • The person must be fit before the event, so it is advised that you start practicing for building up endurance.
  • Items of personal nature or any personal expenses are not included in the Tour.
  • Avoid uncomfortable clothing during the activity (like sarees etc).
  • Carrying jewellery or other valuables to the campsite is not advisable.
  • No smoking or consumption of alcohol is allowed.
  • Kindly dispose of plastic in an appropriate manner.

Confirmation policy

  • The rider receives a confirmation voucher with payment details via email within 48 hours of successful registration
  • Booking is subject to availability and first come first serve basis
  • All right of booking is reserved by Forest Department.
  • Cycle Rental- Cycles can also be rented with an additional cost of INR 1000, Cycles available are geared MTB. SECURITY DEPOSIT AGAINST Bicycle DAMAGE & REPAIRSEvery rider has to make a refundable deposit of INR 2000 (Rupees Two Thousand only) for the Bicycle. This deposit will be refunded at the end, if there is any damage or repair work in the bike due to rider’s mishandling the amount for the same will be deducted from the deposit If there is no damage or repairs to the Bike then total amount will be refunded to guest.  In the event of any accident/ major damage, the rider shall pay the amount equal to the cost of damage or get the bike properly repaired us.
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